A playlist of available songs from all artists in our Musi-x-C Records Amazon Storefront. Musi-x-C Records is a term meaning the label that all unsigned artists are signed to, thus making Musi-x-C Records an ‘unsigned label’, as opposed to an ‘indie label’ or a ‘major label’ and even different than a ‘vanity label’. Musi-x-C Records is neither owned nor controlled by anyone or any entity! All unsigned bands and/or unsigned artists may use the name Musi-x-C Records as their record label, all without asking for permission!

The Three Label Types

What are the different types of labels and what makes Musi-x-C Records different?

The following list explains the three label types.

Major, Indie, Unsigned?

  • Major Label: A major label owns and controls most of the capital in the music industry, not to mention they almost always control and own the artists music and creativity.
  • Indie Label: An indie label is independent and often gives their artists creative control, along with letting them keep the rights to their music (although a smaller number of indie label’s may own and control their artists content).
  • Unsigned Label: An unsigned label is an actual label, as opposed to someone just being an independently unsigned artist or band. Any unsigned artists and/or unsigned bands may use the name of an unsigned label without asking for permission. They may either be owned by someone or a company/organization, or they can be like Musi-x-C Records, which Musi-x-C Records is neither owned nor controlled by anyone or any entity, and is the first known ‘unsigned label’.

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